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When You Come Home Released

My latest latest novel, When You Come Home, has been released (January 2009)

When You Come Home is both a timeless love story and a timely political novel set in the year after the 1991 Gulf War. In the Gulf sands, surrounded by death and danger, marine reservist Anthony Bravo has thought only of Lily, the feisty orphan raised in his home, and when he comes home, their childhood affection flames into passionate love. Both have lost fathers to the Vietnam War, but now, safe and settled, they rejoice that war and loss are behind them at last. Or, so it seems. Soon Tony’s best Marine buddies begin to suffer fevers and strange symptoms . . . .

A seamless blend of public and private life, When You Come Home explores uncharted territory in American fiction, the tragic legacy of the first Gulf War and Gulf War Illness, the disabling disease that followed almost a  third of the troops home. Ultimately, the novel demonstrates that war devastates not only losers but winners, resounding with meaning as we consider not only our past but our present and future.

Nora Eisenberg infuses her work with pressing social and political themes, averting polemics through a distinctive poignancy and humor.

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